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Thank you, Mesa Auto Works!

I found Mesa Auto Works because they had good reviews, and they are located close to my neighborhood.  When I brought my truck in they told me what they plan to do for the inspection, when they found the issue they told me I would need to replace my whole gas tank due to a crack in the rollover valve, which was molded into the tank.  I asked to see the damage and they were happy to have me in and show me exactly what was cracked and leaking from the tank.  After the inspection they gave me a complete break down of parts and labor so I knew what the cost was going to be before they started the work.  They were able to get the work done and return my truck back to me in one day.  With my busy work schedule that was great that they were able to complete everything so quickly because I need my truck for work.  The price was reasonable for a complete gas tank swap, and they replaced my fuel pump for free due to part being damaged during the swap.  I was very happy with the work, cost and time spent on my truck. I would like to say thank you to Stan and Korey for treating me well.  I will definitely use Mesa Auto in the future for any major issues I have with my vehicle. - Travis P. (5 star review on Yelp)

Get Your Sweetheart Something Special This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you need a gift. Who is that special someone, who is there for you, rain or shine, day in and day out, through thick and thin? That’s right; your car. Get your car, truck, or SUV the maintenance it deserves this February, to show just how much you appreciate its dedicated service. Whether it’s time for a tune-up, an oil change, new brake pads, or a complete overhaul, Mesa Auto Works in Mesa has you covered. Our team of expert mechanics will help you with the gift that keeps on giving; regular maintenance and vehicle repair. Call or come by today.

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National Pizza Day

Pizza is an American favorite. In fact, 17% of restaurants in the US are pizzerias, and the average American consumes over 20 pounds of pizza per year. Clearly, pizza’s national holiday is well deserved. Whatever kind of pizza you’re into, enjoy a slice or two today, and Happy National Pizza Day from Mesa Auto Works in Mesa.

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Making Your Clutch Last Longer

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, you know that clutch replacement can be an expensive and time-consuming job. Mesa Auto Works in Mesa has some tips to keep your clutch replacements as infrequent as possible.

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JASPER Drivetrain Remanufacturing Facility Earns A New Certification

This just in from JASPER Engines and Transmissions:

JASPER Drivetrain Remanufacturing Facility in Jasper, Indiana (Power Drive), has achieved STAR Certification in the Indiana Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).  What does the STAR Certification mean for this JASPER location? The ‘STAR’ title recognizes the hard work and commitment demonstrated by the facility’s management and Associate-Owners in keeping the worksite safe and healthy. 

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