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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

From our family to yours, Mesa Auto Works in Mesa wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Travel is an essential part of the holidays, and since cars are our specialty, we’d like to share some travel tips with you to make sure your extra-long weekend goes as smoothly as possible.

It may have been a while since your car last made a long journey; make sure you’re prepared. Here’s a checklist of things you should inspect before hitting the road. Tires - Check your tread condition, air pressure, and look for dry rot, including your spare. Wipers - Make sure your windshield wipers and wiper fluid are ready for the road. Windows - Clean your windows, inside and out. Most people forget to do this, but driving on the interstate at night is a far more pleasant experience with clean windows. Lights - Make sure all your headlights, tail lights, and brake lights are in good working order. It’ll keep you safe, and also keep you from getting a ticket. Fluid levels - Check your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant levels before you take off. Make sure the engine is cold when you check the coolant! Now that your car is ready, just make sure that you are. Travel this week can be a bit strenuous...a car full of family can be stressful enough, and every other car on the road will be in the same boat as you. High traffic volumes and distracted drivers are important things to consider. Just be sure you stay alert at all times and keep your cool, no matter what’s going on in your car or the cars around you. Take your time getting there, relax, and enjoy the trip! With you and your car ready for the road, you’ll be eating turkey in no time. If you need any last minute repairs before you hit the road, notice anything that needs attention when you get back, or you’re from out of town and your car is giving you trouble, call or come visit us at Mesa Auto Works ; we’ll get you taken care of. Happy Thanksgiving, and safe and happy travels!

Thank you for visiting Mesa Auto Works in Mesa, AZ.  Count on our automotive repair technicians for  complete automotive repairs, maintenance, and diagnostic services.  Choosing our team will keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.  

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