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Gas Mileage and How To Increase It

Good gas mileage is something we all want.  In fact, many drivers purchase certain cars solely for gas mileage, and almost all of us at least take it into consideration when purchasing a vehicle.  While it is true that gas mileage is by and large determined simply by the type of car, there are actually a variety of things you can do to increase the gas mileage of any automobile.  The tips Mesa Auto Works in Mesa wants to provided you here are simple and effective steps you can take to increase your gas mileage, often more considerably than you think.


Worn out tires cause unnecessary drag and friction.  Despite being unsafe, this actually negatively impacts your gas mileage as well.  A good set of tires allows your vehicle to roll as effortlessly and efficiently as possible, upping you miles per gallon.  Tire air pressure is another aspect of gas mileage, and makes a considerable difference.  In fact, many hybrid cars run with higher air pressure to decrease friction and increase mileage.  Maintaining the factory recommended pressure in your tires not only increases their lifespan and the performance of your car, it saves you money as well.


Keeping your car in tune and running correctly allows your engine to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  A good auto repair shop knows the proper way to tune your vehicle and keep it running at its peak.  Gas mileage is highly dependent on sensors and components working together correctly...if your check engine light is on, your gas mileage is suffering. Proper adjustments, clearances, spark plugs, etc. are all aspects of keeping a vehicle in tune, which is key to maintaining optimal gas mileage.

Emissions Control

The system that controls your emissions also influences your gas mileage. Oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and an array of electronics work together to decrease emissions by maintaining maximum gas mileage.  Efficient use of gasoline means lower emissions, and your emissions control system is designed to achieve exactly that.  Many vehicles on the road today have faulty oxygen sensors and failing catalytic converters, rendering their emissions control systems useless.  A faulty oxygen sensor won’t normally cause a car to break down, but is well worth replacing

Oil Changes

Oil changes, believe it or not, also have a bearing on your gas mileage.  Oil that is past due to be changed causes excessive friction inside your engine.  This is not only horrible for your engine, it forces the engine to work harder and makes it less efficient.

At Mesa Auto Works in Mesa, we have the knowledge and equipment to keep your car in top condition, ensuring you not only save on repair but save at the pump as well.  In addition to other services you may require, our team of excellent auto mechanics will be happy to provide you with the services included in this article to keep saving you money at the pump. Our goal at Mesa Auto Works is to keep your car running as smoothly and efficiently as possible; come see us today!

Thank you for visiting Mesa Auto Works in Mesa, AZ.  Count on our automotive repair technicians for  complete automotive repairs, maintenance, and diagnostic services.  Choosing our team will keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.  

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